SainSmart 0805 SMD SMT Chip Capacitors Assortment Kit 92 Values 4600 pcs Assorted Sample Book

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-52-141 Variants ID: 45102551316

<p>Surface Mount 0805 Capacitor Assortment Kit 92 values ranging from 0.5pF to 10uF, RoHS Compliance, 50 pcs/value, 92x50=4600 pcs in all all capacitors are made by SainSmart, a leading global capacitor supplier package is 0805 (2.0x1.25mm) 0805 capacitor</p>
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  •     SMD capacitor assorted folder 92 value 4600pcs chip capacitor booklet
  •     Surface Mount 0805 Cpacitor Sample Book
  •     Capacitor: chip capacitor 92 value 50pcs each value
  •     When components are used up, the book itself could still be reused for your other components.