SainSmart 1HZ-500KHZ DDS Function Signal Generator Module Sine+ Triangle+ Square Wave

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    • Compact, full-featured , simple operation, easy to carry. You can use the adapter, can also be a lithium battery.
    • Together with the oscilloscope can be used to test and measure the electronic circuit testing and debugging , audio amplifier frequency characteristics and impulse response. As good accuracy and frequency stability of DDS , is also very suitable for scanning time oscilloscope calibration factor.
    • Square wave output attenuator suitable oscilloscope and probe pulse characteristics adjustment.



  • Frequency range: Sine 1Hz-500kHz (flat frequency where the output amplitude to 200 kHz, with a further increase in the frequency of the output amplitude will decrease), other waveforms 1Hz-20kHz (but adjustable frequency caps are not restricted, if the distortion and shaking ask, can further increase the frequency of use).
  • Resolution: 1Hz.
  • Output waveforms: sine, square, triangle wave, sawtooth forward, reverse sawtooth.
  • Sine Wave Distortion: 1kHz or less <1%, 1kHz and above <0.5%.
  • Output amplitude: maximum ± 10V (P-P).
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohms.
  • DC offset: maximum ± 10V, there are off function.
  • Power Supply: DC3.5-10V. Select DC5V adapter is recommended when using 3.7V lithium battery batteries.
  • Size: 125x80x32mm

Package List:

  • 1 x DDS Function Signal Generator