SainSmart 5V DC Infrared Remote Controllor with 4 Channels Relay Receiver Model

brand: SainSmart SKU: 111-22-007 Variants ID: 45102157332

This is the self-locking Receiver + Remote Control Kit. When you press the CH1 key, the relay 1 of receiver board close, LED1 lights; press the CH1 key again,the relay 1 release, LED1 off;Similarly CH2,CH3,CH4 key corresponding control relay 2,3,4 and LED2, LED3, LED4. The power button control all relays.


Receiver parameters:

  • Operating voltage: DC 5V
  • Quiescent current: â‰?1mA
  • Pick-up current: â‰?100mA

Remote control distance: MAX 8 meters

4 private Switches plus 2 main switches
Work status: Self-locking


  • The receiver board must be equipped with a suite of remote control, it cann't recognize other remote controls.
  • The load capacity of this relay is 250VAC-10A?125VAC-10A?30VDC-10A?28VDC-10A
  • The model does not contain the 4 channel relay, just the receiver model

Package list:

  • 1x Receiver Model
  • 1x Remote Controller