Brand: SainSmart

SainSmart ABS Like 405nm UV-Curing Rapid Resin, Low Odor, 500g

SKU: 101-90-832CL-01 Variants ID: 32489891921999

Outstanding Toughness: SainSmart ABS-like resin retains most of the mechanical properties of ABS plastic, with excellent tensile strength, bending strength and hardness. It is perfect for any demanding projects that require resistance to strain and stress.

Low Viscosity and Low Odor: With high quality, low odor and low viscosity, it is easy to clean and provides better printing experience.

Excellent Details and Finish: Models and parts made by the resin have great details and a smooth finish.

Wide Compatibility: Support most LCD/SLA resin printers with 395-405 wavelength.

Wide Range of Application: Well-suited for any mechanical purpose, functional part, miniature, prototype, model, etc. It can also be used as an additive for other resins.

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