SainSmart ARM NANO DSO201 Oscilloscope Mini Storage Digital Pocket-Sized Portable Kit

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SainSmart DS0201 is a pocket size digital storage oscilloscope fulfills basic electronic engineering requirements. It is based on ARMCortexâ„?M3 compatible 32 bit platform, equipped with 320*240 color display, SD card capability, USB connection, and chargeable batteries. Weighs only 60g! Portable Digital Oscilloscope DIY Kit provides waveform viewing, pocket size and over 2 hours battery operation.


DSO Series:

DSO Nano (DSO201) DSO Note II (DSO202) DSO Quad (DSO203)
Sample rate 1 MSps 10 MSps 72 MSps
Channels 1 2 2 analog, 2 digital
Waveout No 1 MSps 1 MSps
ADC STM32F103 internal STM32F303 internal AD9288-40
RAM 20 kB 48 kB 48 kB
Controls 7 buttons 1 button, touch area 4 buttons, 2 scrollers



  •     DSO NANO Hardware 1.6 + Paul's Firmware 1.5
  •     Super portable and lightweight
  •     2.8â€?color 320*240 display
  •     Basic 1Msps sample rate with 12bit resolution
  •     Various measurement markers
  •     Various trigger mode
  •     Build-in test signal
  •     USB chargeable battery
  •     Open source
  •     700Mah 3.7V chargeable Lithium Battery, over 2.5 Hours battery lasting


2.8�Color TFT LCD
Display Resolution
Display Color
Analog bandwidth
0 - 1MHz
Max sample rate
1Msps 12Bits
Sample memory depth
4096 Point
Horizontal sensitivity
1uS/Div~10S/Div (1-2-5 Step)
Horizontal position
adjustable with indicator
Vertical sensitivity
10mV/Div~10V/Div (with ×1 probe) 
0.5V/Div~100V/Div (with ×10 probe)
Vertical position
Adjustable with indicator
Input impedance
Max input voltage
80Vpp (by ×1 probe)
Trig modes
Auto, Norma, Single, None and Scan
Automatic measurement: frequency, cycle, duty, Vpp, Vram, Vavg and DC voltage
Precise vertical measurement with markers
Precise horizontal measurement with markers
Rising/falling edge trigger
Trig level adjustable with indicator
Trig sensitivity adjustable with indicator
Hold/run feature
Test signal
Built-in 10Hz~1MHz (1-2-5 Step)
Waveform storage
SD card
PC connection via USB
As SD card reader
By bootloader via USB
Power supply
3.7V Chargeable Lithium battery / USB
Dimension (w/o probe)
105mm X 53mm X 8mm
PC connection
Mini USB B-Type



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Package List:
1x SainSmart DS0201 Digital Oscilloscope Device (3.7V Li_Battery(ATL) mounted)
1x Probe (x1/x10)
1x Mini USB Cable
1x Self-printed paper manual
1x Flannel bag