SainSmart RC100A Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat, AC110V-240V, 1 Relay with Sensor, 9? to 99?

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This product is one of latest developed thermostat which are widely applied to aquarium, reptile market, incubators, green house, refrigerator etc. wherever is required constant temperature.One channel is for temperature controlling (heating or cooling).

Electrical characteristics:

  • Temperature range: temperature from minus 9? to 99?
  • Resolution: temperature  0.1?
  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.1?
  • Control precision: 1?
  • Backlash accuracy: 1?
  • Refresh rate: 0.5 second
  • Input voltage: AC110-240V(chance)
  • Measuring input:NTC(10K0.5%) Waterproof type sensor
  • Output: relay 10A one road    
  • Environments requirement:temperature from minus 10? to 60?, humidity from 20% to 85%
  • Product size: 144mm(long)*99mm(wide)*44mm(high)
  • Power dissipation: static currentâ‰?0MA, attraction currentâ‰?5MA


  • Start lights: The equipment starts to work  when  the red light on.
  • Stop lights: The equipment stops working when the red light off.
  • Digital tube:
  • The actual temperature were display in the middle of red Digital tube.
  • The setting temperature to start were display on the left side of  yellow Digital tube.
  • The stop temperature of setting were display on the right-hand side of yellow Digital tube.   
  • Button  instruction:
  • Start ??:  set the temperature to start
  • Stop??: set the temperature to stop

Setting instruction:
Refrigeration  Mode:
The refrigeration equipment will start to work if the setting temperature of start is greater than stop and the testing temperature is greater than or equal  to  beginning.
The refrigeration equipment will stop to work if the testing temperature less than or equal to stop temperature,and it is changes back to its original state  if  the   temperature of testing is greater than beginning and is less than  stopping.

Heating  Mode:
The heating equipment will start to work if the start temperature of set is less than stop and the temperature of testing is small  
or equal to beginning.
If the testing temperature greater than or equal to stop temperature, the heating equipment will stop to work. When the temperature of testing is greater than beginning and is less than stop, keep the original state relay.

Calibration error:

  • When the product is under the state of power off,holding down stop?.The error value will be show in the middle of digital tube, Hold down start ??to adjust numbers value.The maximum value is 9, minimum value is minus 9.
  • When the temperature is more than 99?,the digital tube  will show HHHHHH .
  • When the temperature is below minus 9?. the digital tube will show LLLLLL.
  • When sensor without be detected, the digital tube  will show EEEEEE.


  • ? In the aspect of raise pets, the product is can be applied to fish tank, aquarium and crawler box etc.
  • ? In terms of farming,the  product is can be applied to incubation and brood, temperature rise and keep ventilation and heat dissipation, temperature detection and warning etc.
  • ? In agriculture,the product is can be applied to  strain culture fermented, seedling culture, green house, cultivation and management of  flowers and   edible fungi  etc.
  • ? In the aspect of intelligent home, the product is can be applied to floor heating, water heating, heater, electrothermal membrane,electrothermal bed,electric blanket and electric fan  etc.
  • ? In terms of food,the  product can be applied to make wine, fermented glutinous rice wine,  flour fermentation, bean sprouts are cultivated, yogurt production,preservation of fruits and vegetables etc.
  • ? In industry, the product can be applied  to temperature control cabinet, oven of experiment and warehouse monitor etc.

    The operation panel and Wiring diagram:

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    Especially useful

    Folks - The temp controller looks especiallyh useful for experimental setups: growing plants, making bread, etc

    Great value!

    This does a great job as a temperature controller and is WAY cheaper than any that you can get on the market. I have made some temperature controllers myself using an Arduino controller, onewire temperature probes, and relays, but must say I wish that I would have just bought this product in the first place, primarily to save time. That said, I've not been able to figure out how to use the more advanced options that are listed in the product description such as temperature alarms or compressor safety timeouts. I've also not been able to set calibration offsets following the directions listed under the description. The temperature has been very accurate, so I have not had to worry about this though.