SainSmart DIY LZ-002 Digital Temperature Mircomputer Thermostat Controller Celsius Switch 110-220V

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Temperature measurement range: -55 ? ~ 125 ?
Resolution: Temperature 0.1 ?
â€?Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 ?
â€?Control accuracy: 0.1 ° C
�Refresh rate: 0.8S
�Input voltage: 110-220V
�Measurement input: DS18B20 waterproof sensor, NTC waterproof sensor.
Output: all the way 10A relays
�Environmental requirements: -10 ? - 60 ? Humidity 20% - 85%
Specifications Size: 144mm (L) * 99mm (W) * 44mm (H)
Total power consumption: Static current �20MA Pull current: �50MA
Status indicator light, said relay pull, the device began to work.
The status LED is off to indicate that the relay is off and the device is stopped.
When the measured temperature is greater than 125 ? or less than -55 ?, the indicator light buzzer alarm.
Key description:
START: ? ? Sets the start temperature
STOP: ? ? Sets the stop temperature
Setting method:
1. When the temperature is above the starting temperature, the relay will be closed and the refrigeration equipment will work. When the detection temperature is less than the stop temperature, the relay will be disconnected and the refrigeration equipment will stop working. 1. High temperature start-cooling mode: set the starting temperature value> stop temperature value. For example, if the starting temperature is 20 ? and the stopping temperature is 15 ?, the relay will be closed and the indicator light (red) will be on when the detected temperature is �0 ?, the relay will be off when the temperature is less than 15 ?, (Red) off.
2. Low temperature start - heating mode: set the start temperature value <stop temperature value, when the detection temperature �the starting temperature, the relay is closed, heating equipment work; When the detection temperature �stop temperature, the relay disconnect heating equipment When the detection temperature is less than or equal to 15 ?, the relay is closed and the indicator light (red) is on. When the detection temperature is �0 ?, the relay will be disconnected. If the temperature is below 20 ?, The indicator (red) is off.
3. Temperature correction mode: the system set the temperature correction of ± 9 degrees, the temperature is not allowed to feel and have a higher level of the thermometer when the temperature can be calibrated.Operation: Power off, hold down the Stop Press "Start +" and "Start-" to adjust the correction temperature. After the adjustment, after 10s, the temperature will be adjusted. Automatically return to normal state, this time under the normal state of the temperature measured for the actual measured temperature plus a correction temperature b.
For example, the correction temperature b = -0.5 degrees, the actual measured temperature a = 25.0 degrees, then the temperature is 24.5 degrees.
Examples of applications
? pet: fish tank, aquarium, reptile turtle box.
? breeding: hatching brood, heat temperature, ventilation cooling, temperature monitoring (alarm).
? agriculture: strain fermentation, breeding nursery, greenhouse, edible fungus, flower cultivation.
? home: to warm, plumbing, heaters, electric film, electric kang, electric blankets, electric fans.
? food: wine, fermented glutinous rice, flour fermentation, raw bean sprouts, yogurt production, fruit and vegetable preservation.
? Industry: temperature control cabinet, experimental oven, warehouse monitoring.