SainSmart Jr. Amaze CB-22 Money Bank 3D Puzzle 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5" Transparent Christmas Gift

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Want your kid to save money and buld his/her brain as well? Let him/her put their coins into this money maze.
He/She needs to solve the puzzle to get the money out: educational and interesting. Perfect gift to both adults and kids.


  • Maze box use to store money and coins. The maze box can only be opened when the maze is solved.
  • The Money Maze Bank is a great place to hold your cash, gift cards and cheques, but there's a twist - you have to guide the steel ball through the maze to get your stuff out again!
  • For gift giving try placing money or a gift inside, then watch the recipient solve the maze to receive your gift!
  • Have fun for deposit!
  • It's easy to make a deposit, but difficult to make a withdrawal!
  • The only way to open it (or make a withdrawal) is to maneuver the ball bearing through the maze to pop open the lid.
  • With a compartment inside which could hold coins, small gifts, gift cards, letters, or even an engagement ring.


  • Size: 9 x9 x9 cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: White

Note: Bills need to be folded before put into this maze. Coins are advised.

Package list:

  • 1 x Money Maze