SainSmart KULLI Emile3 PRO DIY Writing Machine

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Emile3 Pro is mainly used for touch tests of mobile phone screens, mechanical keyboards, etc.


Emile3 Pro can expand functions such as writing, drawing, laser engraving, etc. Use touch screen mobile phone/iPad, you can press the keyboard, add a pen to write and draw. PRO needs an additional pen holder.


The Emile3 PRO uses Grbl, high performance, open-source software for controlling movement, and runs on Arduino. Its dependability and simplicity make Grbl an industry standard, so there's no lack of support and resources available when you get stuck.

Easy to use

Connect to Arduino via USB cable to operate, support operating system is Windows, Mac, Linux, running software is GRBL controller.


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Designed with the absolute beginner in mind, the Emile3 PRO is an excellent self-teaching tool which allows you to try your ideas on an inexpensive platform without the risk of damaging expensive equipment. Since it’s built on Arduino and Grbl (both open source) support, tutorials, additional training, and new ideas to try are plentiful and easy to find elsewhere online.

  • Power: Peak 72 W, Working Environment 12 V, 5 V. With 12 V Power Supply
  • Movement Axis: Triaxial XYZ
  • Targeting: XYZ Spatial Coordinates
  • Maximum Exercise Stroke: X-320mm Y-235mm Z-60mm
  • Maximum Stroke Speed at One Axis: 20000 mm / m (Three-Axis Synergy)
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 30mm
  • Measured from the pallet of the machine, the pallet can be removed
  • Lift the Pen: 40mm
  • Round Trip Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Feather Protection: Mechanical Limit Protection
  • Host Computer: Computer Operation Controlling the Grbl Host Computer
  • Control Method: G Code Control
  • 1 x Emile3 PRO
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x 12V 5A Supply
  • 1 x Tool Kit