RC200A Digital Temperature Controller

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-70-172

SainSmart RC200A Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat, High Precision with LCD Display,AC110V-240V,1 Relay with Sensor,50℃~110℃


  • Temperature range: temperature from minus 50â„?to 110â„?/span>
  • Resolution: temperature 0.1â„?/span>
  • Measurement accuracy:  ±0.1â„?/span>
  • Control precision:0.1â„?/span>
  • Frequency refresh: 0.8 S
  • Input  voltage:AC110-240V(chance)
  • Measuring input: DS18B20 Waterproof  type  sensor   
  • Output: relay 10A one channel
  • Environments  requirement:temperature  from  minus   10â„?/span> to 60â„?/span>, humidity from 20% to 85%
  • Product size:144mm(long)*99mm(wide)*44mm(high)
  • Power dissipation :static currentâ‰?0MA, attraction currentâ‰?0MA

Start  lights :The  equipment  is  Start  to  work  when  the Status light is  light  on.
Stop  lights: The  equipment  is  stop  working  when  the  Status  light  extinguish
Status  indicator  light  will  blinking  frequently  and  buzzer alarm  when  the  measured   temperature   is   greater   than  110?  or  measured   temperature  is  less  than  -50?.

Button  instruction:
Start ??:  set   the   temperature  to  start
Stop??:   set   the   temperature  to  stop

Setting   instruction:
1.Refrigeration  Mode:
    The  refrigeration  equipment  will  start  to  work   if   the  setting  temperature   of   start   is   greater    than  stop  and  the  testing  temperature  is  greater than or equal  to  beginning. The  refrigeration  equipment  will  stop  to  work    if   the  testing  temperature  less   than or  equal  to stop  temperature.
For example: Set the  starting  temperature  is  20?, Stop temperature is 15? ,Refrigeration   equipment   begins  to  work  meanwhile  the  red  indicator  light  is  light   when  the  detected   temperature   value  is  more  than  20?.  Refrigeration   equipment  stop   working  meanwhile  the  red  indicator  light  extinguish  when  the  detected  temperature  value  is  less  than  or  equal  to  15?.
 2. Heating  Mode :
The  Heating  equipment  will  start  to  work   if  the  start  temperature  of  set  is  less than  stop  and  the  temperature  of  testing   is  small  or  equal  to  beginning.  If  the  testing  temperature  greater  than  or  equal  to stop  temperature  ,the  Heating  equipment    will  stop   to   work,
For example:Set  the  starting  temperature  is  15?, Stop  temperature  is  20?.  Heating  equipment    start  to  work  meanwhile  the  red  indicator light  is  light  When  the  detected  temperature  value  is   less  than  or  equal  to  15?.  Heating  equipment  stop  to  work  meanwhile  the  red  indicator  light  extinguish  When  the  detected  temperature  value  is  more  than   20?.  
3. Temperature correction mode:
The   system   set   temperature   correction   for   positive   and  negative   9   degrees
The  temperature  calibration can be carried out  if  feel the temperature  measurement  is  not  accuracy or  have a higher  levels  of  thermometer.

Operation method:
1: Power off. 2: Hold down the Stop- button. 3: Power on.
At  this  time  to  enter  the setting correction  temperature  and  the "measured temperature word" sample disappeared, "Measured temperature" digital scintillation. Press "Start+" and " Start-" to adjust the correction temperature. The  automatic  return to normal state for 10 seconds and  the "measured temperature" appeared.Under normal condition showing the  temperature  be  equal  to   measured temperature A plus correction temperature B.
For example: Correction temperature B = -0.5?, Actual measured temperature A= 25? , Then showing the  temperature  is  24.5 degrees


  • In the aspect of raising pets, the product can be applied to fish tank, aquarium and crawler box etc.
  • In  terms of farming, the product can be applied to incubation and brood, temperature rise and keep  , ventilation and heat dissipation, temperature detection and warning etc.
  • In agriculture, the product can be applied to strain culture fermented, seedling culture, green house, cultivation and management of flowers and edible fungi etc.
  • In the aspect of intelligent home, the product can be applied to floor heating, water heating, heater,  electrothermal membrane, electrothermal bed, electric blanket and electric fan etc.
  • In terms of food, the product can be applied to make wine, fermented glutinous rice wine, flour fermentation , bean sprouts are cultivated , yogurt production, preservation of fruits and vegetables etc.
  • In industry, the product is can be applied to temperature control cabinet, oven of experiment and warehouse monitor etc.

  • 1 x SainSmart RC200A Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat
  • 1 x English manual