SainSmart TTL Serial Enabled 2004 20X4 LCD for Arduino, 5V, Yellow Backlit Screen

brand: SainSmart SKU: 20-111-916
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  • This is the latest evolution of our serial LCD. Included on a single board is a 20x4 LCD and an embedded circuit based around a CPU. The on-board PIC takes a TTL serial input and prints the characters it receives onto the LCD. The installed firmware also allows for a number of special commands so you can clear the screen, adjust the backlight brightness, turn the display on/off, and more.
  • Communication with SerLCD requires 5V TTL serial at a default baud rate of 9600bps. The power (VDD), ground (GND) and RX pins are all broken out to both a 0.1" pitch header as well as a 3-pin JST connector. SerLCD has the ability to dim the backlight to conserve power if needed. There is also a potentiometer on the back of the display to adjust the contrast.
  • This LCD can be used for so many different projects! It's a great gift.