SainSmart UNO R3 Inventor Kit Arduino compatible Joystick

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This is the new SainSmart UNO R3 Practice Kit, developed specially for those Arduino fans and geeks.  You will have a complete set of Arduino's most common and useful electronic components. What's more. We will offer you a detailed tutorials including project introduction and their source codes.You may have fun with Arduino through using these projects. This kit will help you control the physical world with sensors.


1x  SainSmart UNO R3 Development Board Compatible With Arduino UNO R3
1x SainSmart Prototype Shield ProtoShield Mini Breadboard For Arduino Prototyping

1x SainSmart L293D Motor Driver Shield

1x SainSmart JoyStick Module + Free 10 Cables for Arduino

1x  USB Cable

1x  Buzzer

1x  Nixie Tube

1x  Temperature Sensor
1x  74HC595
1x  Infrared Remote Control

1x  Infrared Receiver
1x  Photoresistor
1x  Potentiometer

2x  Tilt sensor

4x  Pushbuttons

1x  RGB

1x  Flame Sensor

1x  Cell Box

1x  motor

1x  Breadboard

6x  Resistors

6x  LEDs

10x Jumper wires


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Just an amazing kit

It is my first time playing with Arduino and i really enjoy it, now it is my favorite toy since i recived it a couple of weeks, looking documentations, doing the examples that are in the started documentation and also creating my own small projects to get more ideas or just for fun. It is exiting how much things you can do and how easy and fast you can do. Just realiced why we didn't have those nicers toys during my college time 20 year ago.

great price for inventor kit

I think this kit is ideal for someone who is new to electronics and programming, or someone familiar with those in other environments who wants a fun quickstart to learn Arduino. I decided to get it because of the range of sensors and output devices it includes - most of which are not present in my parts bins - as well as the convenient box, the platform that supports the Arduino and a breadboard, and the booklet. the SainSmart UNO R3 board First Arduino R3 board I bought. Love the White screening on black pcb. 3.3V/5V Switch electricity is at voltages low enough that you probably would not feel a shock, unless maybe your hands are wet. the L293D shield it is a design for a full-featured motor shield that will be able to power many simple to medium-complexity projects.