Brand: SainSmart

SainSmart Thumb Screw Set for Kumitsu KL9 Resin Vat Replacement

SKU: 101-91S-405 Variants ID: 32436931133519
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  • A thumb screw is a screw that is designed to be tightened and loosened by hand without using any external drive.
  • The head of the thumb screw is knurled to provide extra grip, which enables you to when tightening and loosening it by hand.
  • With this thumb screw set, replacing resin vat requires no extra tooling, easier and faster.
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy; Length: Approx. 4.3cm (1.7 inch)
  • This small upgrade is available to all Kumitsu KL9. You can simple install it on your own printer.
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2 x Thumb Screws for Kumitsu KL9 Resin Vat Replacement