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SainSmart Upgraded TS80P Portable Soldering Iron Kit

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Upgraded Version

TS80P is the upgrade version of TS80 Portable Soldering Iron. It is powered by USB Type-C interface and PD2.0/QC3.0 standard input, which can be powered by charging plugs, power banks and mobile power supplies that comply with the PD2.0 (12V 3A)/QC3.0 (9V 2A) protocol.

Faster Heating

The output power of TS80P has been increased from 18W to 36W max. It can heats up in only 8s from room temperature to 572℉(300 ℃), which is 10s faster than TS80. It’s equipped with an OLED screen, you can monitor the status of the soldering iron at any time.

Smart & Safe

With a built-in STM32 chip, TS80P can smartly control the rise and fall of tip temperature, and features sleep, automatic power-off, safety protection and other modes. The code application layer is open source; you can develop firmware for the soldering iron freely as needed.

More Convenient

TS80P features a brand new easy-push tip fastener, which provides a best holding experience and an easy push to loosen the soldering tip for quick replacement.


TS80P has a simple, lightweight body that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It’s completely portable and suit your pockets. You can take it anywhere you want and use it while powered by a power bank.

TS80P Main Kit
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Soldering iron can be used for multiple purposes. You may have a hobby of collecting the tools or have a heart for building electrical equipment, a soldering iron can be useful in all the cases. The TS80P soldering iron kit is a good choice for mobile phone repair, circuit board, and similar such electronics applications.

Smart Processor

With a built-in STM32 processor, TS80P features sleep, automatic power-off, port protection and other modes. It can be powered by mobile power supplies that comply with the PD2.0 (12V 3A)/QC3.0 (9V 2A) protocol.

Portable Kit

This device has a simple, lightweight body that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It’s completely portable, it is small enough to fit into tight crevices. Use this iron to put the finishing touch on your jewelry or seal up loose electrical connections. You will not find more power and precision elsewhere.

Tips Compatibility

TS80P shares the same tips with TS80. The soldering tip has an internal thermal ceramic heating core, and through the pure copper heat conduction, it can quickly transfer heat to the tip of the soldering tip, achieving an excellent temperature control performance.


TS80P is the upgraded version of TS80 electric soldering iron. It adopts a new easy-to-push soldering iron fastening ring, which makes it easier to quickly replace the soldering iron tip. TS8OP uses USB Type-C interface and PD2.0/QC3.0 power supply. The output power is 30W while TS80 is only 18W. TS80P can heat up to 572℉(300 ℃) in only 8 seconds.


Temperature Range: 212℉ - 752℉ (100℃-400 ℃)
Power Input: 9V/2A (QC 3.0) / 12V 3A(PD2.0)
Power: 36W Max
Fastest heating time (from room temperature to 572℉/300 ℃): 8s
Data/Power Interface: USB Type-C
Temperature stability: ±3%
Display: OLED
Length: controller: 96mm; tip: 100mm(60+40mm)
Weight: 38g (power adaptor not included); Tip: 14g (B02 tip)
Certifications: CE, FCC


For the Main Kit

1 x SainSmart TS80P Soldering Iron Controller
1 x TS-B02 Soldering Iron Tip
1 x English User Manual

For the Complete Kit

1 x SainSmart TS80P Soldering Iron Controller
1 x TS-B02 Soldering Iron Tip
1 x Type-C Cable
1 x Power Plug Adapter
1 x Safety Ground Wire
1 x English User Manual
1 x Allen Key

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Neil H.
United States United States
Excellent Soldering Iron for the price

I also own a TS100 and the TS80P has better performance.Included power adapter and cable worked great. Had to purchase a power bank with appropriate PD support, but now have an excellent portable solution, and even use it at times in place of my desktop solution.

Alana C.
United States United States
Probably the best compact soldering iron.

For it's size, it works great! Heats up very quickly, the tip is very small for small work, I can solder 0402 with it (using magnification of course). Build quality is better than any soldering iron I've had, and even though the power supply is nameless, it seems to be high quality and provides maximum power to the iron. I would definitely not hesitate to buy again, and I hope the connection for the tips catches on in the aftermarket.

United States United States
Easy to use and handle

Really easy to use and worked great for my first attempt at soldering. Some of the joints aren't perfect, but that is definitely user error and no fault of the iron.

A Customer
Shaun T.
United States United States
This thing heats up insanely fast!

So far the TS80P has been unreal. I love it. It’s fast to heat up. The grip is great and promotes precision. I highly recommend it.

Ben H.
United States United States
A lot of utility in a very small package

I'll start by saying I'm an electronics hobbyist at best. a typical soldering activity for me is a few dozen solder joints on a small double layer board. The TS80P fits the bill for my typical usage. Out of the box with the included power brick, this guy hangs with my FX-888D (for my normal use) without breaking a sweat. Based on the display info, it heats up a bit faster. That's probably because the Hakko has a bit more thermal mass. When you use a power supply other than the included brick, things change a bit. This isn't the fault of the iron, but a general gotcha in the usb power world. I tried various usb-c supplies that I had and none of them were capable of the voltage/amperage rating the iron wanted. (12v/2.5A). When I tried a power brick with adaptive quick charge, the iron was happy but only operating at 18w instead of 30 (I believe 9v at 2A is what it's using). It heated slower, but could make solder joints without too much effort. If I was working on a board with more layers and some heat sinking/dissipation features it might have struggled. At the end of the day this is a great hobbyist tool. I bought it to slim down my workbench as I'm downsizing in life and it fits the bill well. For more heavy duty needs I'll always have the 888d in storage, but I don't need it on the bench full time anymore.

Amazon C.
United States United States
Excellent portable soldering iron

This is a great portable soldering iron. I had my doubts, when I used it was surprised how fast it heated up. Perfect for soldering wires on my car stereo while in the car. I highly recommend it.

United States United States
Great tool

Heats up fast, lightweight, and it's built very well. If you need a iron this one should be on your list

Dale I.
United States United States

I haven't had a lot of time to use it but what I have done I'm blown away. The control is wonderful, it heats up very fast. It's great that it uses USB-C. Love it and highly recommend it!

Amazon C.
United States United States
Do not use the included cable.

I've used this as a base for a great portable soldering kit, it heats and cools quickly, I'm using a lower wattage power supply than the one it comes with for portability but it still gets up to temperature fast. The only negative is DO NOT USE THE USB C CABLE IT COMES WITH. That cable is garbage just turning on the screen and not the heater that cable nearly burned in two. It's extremely undersized and cannot handle the current. Just get a different cable and you're good.

Jesus N.
Spain Spain
igual que en la foto

es perfecto calienta muy rapido y lo mas importante llego muy rapido