USB 2.0 Fingerprint Reader Silver Biometric Security Password Lock Chip for PC

brand: SainSmart SKU: 21-023-304
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    Fingerprint management, fingerprint registration, delete
    Store page link: login mail with fingerprint
    Login operating system with fingerprint
    When the device is not in computer, computer locks automatically
    Compueter locks automatically when screen protector opens
    Time setting computer shut down or log off automatically
    One key to lock your computer: lock the computer directly by locking computer button
    Encryption or decryption of computer's files and folders



    Volt: 5V
    Power: 12mA
    Acquisition resolution: 500 DPI
    Acquisition technique: Living donor procurement sensor
    Image acquisition time: 1s
    Fingerprint Processing time: 1s
    Comparison Method: 1: N
    Operating Mode: chip
    Output: USB2.0 Output
    Product size: 68*58*28mm, single weight: 36.4g


Package List:

1x Fingerprint reader with USB output