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[Discontinued] XpertMatic Filter Media, 12-in-1 Filter Material Pack, 500g

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  • 12-in-1: 12 Kinds of filter media mixed, including activated carbon, bio balls, ceramic rings, volcanic rock, etc. They can be used for various functions. A pack can satisfy your needs of improving the water quality.
  • 2 Stages Filtration:It supports bio and chemical filtration to fix the water turbid problem, and stabilize the PH value, which leaves the fish tank water clear and healthy. It helps create a healthy environment for your fish.
  • Wide Complications: Fits for the hang-on filter, power filter, canister filter, etc. And they can be used in ponds, freshwater fish tanks, saltwater aquariums, fish hatcheries, and much more.
  • Long Using Life: The filter media would maintain the water quality for up to 6 months.
  • Delivers in a mesh bag with clasp closure. The clasp closure can be opened by pressing. Please remove the bag of activated carbon and clean the filter media before use.
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Why XpertMatic 12-in-1 Aquarium Filter Media

Most of the filter media only provides 1 filtration. However, XpertMatic filter media provides 2 stages of filtration. The bio media form the basics of your healthy aquarium. The chemical filter can remove chemicals, water discoloration and bad smells, and much more.

If you’d like to raise happy and healthy fish successfully, XpertMatic filter media is your choice!


1. Please remove the bag of activated carbon before use. (The clasp closure can be opened by pressing. )

2. When unpacked the 12-in-1 filter media, there will be a little dust, which is normal in similar products.

3. Please rinse the 12-in-1 filtration media with pure water before use. (Do not clean them with soaps or abrasives and never rinse them with unconditioned tap water).


Weight: 1.1 lbs (500g)

Color: Multicolor

Medias Includes: Zeolite, Activated carbon, Bio Balls, Bio House , Infrared Bio Rings, Nano Bio Rings, Porous Bio Balls, Maifan Stone Volcanic Rock, Volcanic Rock, 6-Pointed Ceramic Rings, Ceramic Rings, Ceramic Bio Bead.

What's in the package

1X Mixed Filter Media with (1.1 lbs)