XpertMatic MH-2000 Digital Temperature Controller, Single Socket, 2200W

Brand: XpertMatic SKU: 82-001-001E SKU: 82-001-001E Variants ID: 32301553320015

Accuracy Thermostat with Dual Display

It is a high-accuracy (±0.3℉) digital temperature controller with a wide control range from -40℉ to 212℉. Simultaneous displays measured temperature and the set temperature.

Easy to Use

Plug and play. Simple to program. Designed with a temperature memory function to ensure convenient experience every use.

Wide Range Of Uses

Widely used in incubation, home-brew, chest freezer/heat mat/fish tank heater temperature control, and many more.

Dual Modes Thermostat Controller

Supports heating and cooling modes. Work with cooling and heating devices such as heat mat, heater, heat lamp, chest freezer, swamp cooler, grow fan etc.

Safe Use

The MH-2000 digital temperature controller features a compressor delay function to protect the compressors of your devices. Max output load is 2200W (220V, 10A), 1100W at 110V.

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XpertMatic MH-2000 is an accurate digital temperature controller with a wide temperature control range from -40℉ to 212℉. The temperature controller is able to connect with various heating/cooling equipment, and then work as a temperature control system. Widely used in homebrewing, fermentation, breeding, making kombucha, and incubation, accelerating germination, etc. A great digital temperature controller for multiple uses!

Delay Protection

The power-on delay feature design to protect the value and in cases the on/off cycle occurs rapidly.

All-in-one Design

1 Socket for 2 temperature control modes. Designs in a compact size for convenient use.

Accurate Controller

The temperature measurement accuracy is ±0.3℉. You can keep the environment in your desired temperature range.



Working Voltage Range: AC 90V-250V ±10%,50/60Hz

Relay Capacity: 10A/AC 220V; Power Consumption: ≤3W

Standby Power Consumption: ≤0.5W

Temperature Control Range: -40℉~212℉

Temperature Measurement Accuracy : ±0.3℉

Temperature Control Precision: 0.1℉

Slewing Range : 0.1℉~50℉(Adjustable) ; Temperature Resolution: 0.1℉

Temperature Sensor: NTC 77℉=10K B3435土1%(4.9ft )

Power Cable Length: 4.9ft

Working Environment Temperature: -30℉~150℉

Humidity: 90%RH; (No Condensate)

Dimension: 6.1*2.4*1.1 in(L*W*H)



1 x MH-2000 Temperature Controller

1 x User Manual