Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-63-CTL-V2

Offline Controller Module for Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Series, LC-60A, LC-50 Plus

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Compatible with
3018-PROVer V2
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  • Compatible with Genmitsu CNC Router 3018-PROVer V1, 3018-PROVer V2, Jinsoku Laser Machine, LE-1620, LC-60A, LC-50 Plus.
  • Control your CNC Router or Laser Engraving Machine without connecting a computer. Your CNC or Laser Engraving Machine can be placed wherever you want and run your projects untethered. (How to use it?)
  • You easily toggle your spindle on/off and process the Z-Axis tool setting. You don’t need to use your project gcode on your SD card for these functions.
  • This upgraded offline controller has improved its compatibility with gcode. It even can recognize some of the non-standard codes, effectively preventing interruptions or misalignment when engraving.
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Load your projects without Computer

With the Genmitsu offline controller module, you can control the CNC router or Laser Engraving Machine without connecting to a computer. Easily load your projects onto the included SD card and have them ready to go without the need of a dedicated laptop or computer

Easier Operation

The upgraded offline controller can jog each axis continuously with a long press of the button. You now don't need to move the axis with small fixed increments by pressing the button repeatedly. It makes the operation easier and saves you time.

Error Fixed Easily

Equipped to diagnose 3 types of ERR and 9 types of ALARM error prompt messages. You can find the problem easily and continue your project quickly with these prompt messages.

More Info

  • Control X, Y, Z-axis moving
  • Control spindle on/off
  • Adjust spindle speed, step
  • Gcode Running
Package List:
  • 1 x Offline Controller
  • 1 x 10 PIN ISP Cable
  • 1 x SD Card

ERROR and ALARM Code List (Using a controller Read)

  • ERROR 1: Height of tool lifting invalid
  • ERROR 2: Control board unresponsive
  • ERROR 3: Gcode failed to run
  • ALARM 1: Hardware limit triggered
  • ALARM 2: Software limit triggered
  • ALARM 3: Forced exit while running
  • ALARM 4: Tool setting initialization failed
  • ALARM 5: Tool setting failed
  • ALARM 6: RESET is triggered on the way back to the origin
  • ALARM 7: DOOR is triggered on the way back to the origin
  • ALARM 8: Check weather limit switches opened
  • ALARM 9: Check whether limit switches can be triggered