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BIQU B1 FDM 3D Printer

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32-bit Board with TMC2225 Silent Drivers

BIQU B1 has a SKR V1.4 32-bit mainboard, in combination with the silent TMC2225 stepper drivers, this printer will deliver quiet and consistent results time after time.

Quality Printing

The all-metal extruder on the BIQU B1 enables smooth extrusion and longevity, in combination with the dual fan cooling duct to produce quality prints. Print area 235 x 235 x 270 mm

Spring Steel Bed

The B1’s spring steel bed has a textured surface, which allows for excellent bed adhesion and easy removal of prints. The bed is also reversible, so that printing can be done on both sides, prolonging the service life.

A 3D Printer for Beginners and Experts

With a 4.3-inch color touchscreen and dual user interface, the B1 offers some beginner-friendly features for easy calibration and setup, as well as countless features for advanced users to get most out of their printer!

More options for upgrades

The BIQU B1 offers extra connection slots and interfaces for you to upgrade the printer with ease. No firmware update needed! It supports adding BL-Touch, WiFi connectivity, and the BTT Smart Filament Sensor.

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BIQU B1 3D Printer A Great Introductory Printer

Under the Hood:
  • 32-bit SKR 1.4 Board: Enables smoother movements for higher quality prints and allows support for a variety of upgrades.
  • TMC 2205 Silent Drive: Brings down the noise level, suitable for home and school use.
  • Filament Run-out Sensor & Resume printing support: Keep your 3D Printing objects uninterrupted, your print job will resume right where it left off.


  • Please make sure you toggle the voltage switch to its correct place before use.
  • The USB slot in the back is for firmware upgrade, please use the one in front to print
  • Do not unplug the printer while it is still running.
  • Please use the stock type-c cable to connect the printer and the mainboard.

UI Features

Easy Calibration & Expert-level Customization
A level bed and proper nozzle distance is the key to quality 3d prints. The redesigned UI on the B1 allows you to switch between different preset leveling locations at the corners of your print bed, and with the built-in “Plane Test” Feature, you can have a one-click test to see whether the bed is level and whether the nozzle distance to the bed is correct. You can also adjust the z-axis offset with the “BabyStep” feature to adjust this in real-time. All these combined make printer calibration easier for the beginners.
And as your knowledge on 3d printing grows, you can start to take advantage of its advanced features. Even the most seasoned expert will find something to love with the BIQU B1! Customize your printer the way you want and bring your prints to a new level.

Quality Printing

All-Metal Extruder
The all-metal extruder on the BIQU B1 enables smooth extrusion and longevity
Dual Fan Cooling
Allows for improved heat dissipation, reducing the chances of filament extrusion issues.
Y-axis belt tensioner
Belt tension is very important. The pre-installed Y-axis belt tensioners make it even easier to maintain accuracy performance.
Spring Steel Sheet
Better print adhesion and easier removal. Just take it off the platform, bend it slightly, and the print will pop right off.

Better Printing Experience

TMC2225 Silent Drivers
BIQU B1 has a SKR V1.4 32-bit mainboard, in combination with the silent TMC2225 stepper drivers, this printer will deliver quiet and consistent results time after time.
RGB Lights
RGB lights is there so you can watch it’s progress or just set a nice mood. The light has four different colors: blue, red, green and white.
Upgrade with ease
Upgrading the B1 with BLTouch and Smart Filament Sensors is much easier than that of any other printers, no firmware updates and board changes are required.
3.5” Color Touch Screen & Dual UI
The B1 has a highly responsive 3.5“ touchscreen with bright and sharp color. It comes with the standard Marlin Mode and the self-developed BIQU Mode that prioritize ease of use and customization.
  Biqu-B1.png Ender-3V2.png
  Biqu B1 Ender-3 V2

Printing Area

235 x 235 x 270 mm

220 x 220 x 250 mm

Touch Screen Y N
Filament Runout Detection Y N
RGB Lights Y N
Bed Material Spring Steel w Textured Surface Carborundum Glass Bed
Ease of Leveling

Baby Step (Z-Axis Offset Feature);

Leveling Quality of Life Buttons;

One-Touch First Level Test Print

Ease of BL-Touch Upgrade Comes with BL-Touch Mount and no firmware upgraded is needed.

Requires firmware upgrade and a breakout board;

BL-Touch mount should be bought separately

User Interface Marlin UI & BIQU UI Creality UI
Silent Drivers TMC2225 TMC2208
Printing Methods SD Card & USB SD Card
Assembly Guide (User Manual)

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Donald V.
United States United States
Best money spent! Fantastic Printer!

This is one amazing 3D printer! Very easy to put together and did not need to make any adjustments to the rollers. Even the firmware was up to date with the latest one. Very easy to use and I just love that touch which works great! Took me less than an hour to put it together.