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[[Discontinued] DDS-120 PC-based Virtual Oscilloscope, Silver [US ONLY]

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SainSmart DDS120 Pro is a medium-performance oscilloscope. The highlighting advantage is the high performance price ratio. When you do not want to spend a high price to buy a traditional oscilloscope,this product will be a good choice. 


If you're looking for A USB Oscilloscope that supports win10, click:

VDS1022 25MHz 2+1 Channel PC USB Oscilloscope, MIT USB Isolation

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  • Module:P6100
  • Attenuation ratio: 1:10
  • Input resistance:1MΩ/10MΩ
  • Rise Time: 1x 58ns / 10x <3.5ns
  • Bandwith: DC-6MHz, DC-60MHz
  • Input Capacitance: 1X:85pF-120pF, 10X:18.5pF-22.5pF
  • Compensation Range: 15pF-45pF
  • Working Voltage:1X:< 300VDC+AC Vp-p, 10X:< 600VDC+AC Vp-p
  • Cable Length: 120cm
  • Net Weight (One PCS): 55g
  • Operating Temperature: -15? - +75?
  • Non-operating Temperature: -20? - +60?
  • Humidity: 85% (relative humidity)


  • Site engineer travel to debug
  • AE engineers diagnose equipment and solve the problem for customer on-site Electronics Engineer develop tools, save money and desktop space
  • The ideal partner of electronic enthusiasts for their amateur making
  • Fault diagnosis equipment for repair personnel Demonstration Teaching Laboratory aids of colleges and Universities
  • Automatic test equipment for production


Hardware Feature
  • Real-time sampling rate up to 50MS/s
  • Brandwidth: 20M hz
  • 10kV ESD protection
  • 10 times over voltage protection
  • DC-coupled and AC-coupled input
  • Computer USB supply power directly
  • 1K HZ square wave signal output


Software Feature
  • Support XP~Win10 series of operating system
  • Software interface could be combined with the third party software
  • Waveform recording and continuous playback as well as specified frame playback functions by frame-by-frame
  • Input channel arithmetic and FFT analysis
  • Anti-aliasing features of waveform drawing to reduce rendering errors further
  • Memory function of user personalization settings
  • The rapid completion of the mouse to control the trigger function settings


Category Index
Interface USB 2.0
Number of Channels 2
Export 1K Hz, 3.25V level standard reference square wave output
Bandwidth 20MHZ
Maximum sampling rate 25M sps (single), 50M sps (dual channel)
Vertical resolution 8 bit
Voltage range ±5v,can be extended to ± 50v through X10 table pen,
extended to ± 500v through X100 table pen(Optional Probe)
Noise size ±25mv500mv/div Stalls
±10mv200mv/div Stalls
±8mv100mv/div Stalls
±4mv50mv/div Stalls
Trigger coupling AC AC-coupled, DC DC-coupled
Triggering conditions Trigger level + rising / falling-edge trigger
Trigger Auto, Normal and Single Trigger
Input impedance 1M / 25pf
Memory Depth 1K-2M
Power < 2 W
Weight <400g
Automatic measurement Maximum, minimum, peak to peak, frequency, average,
RMS, rise time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle
Size 12 cm X 7.5cm X 2.5 cm

1XSainSmart DDS120 Pro PC-Based USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope  

1Xuser's Guide

2Xoscilloscope probe(X1,X10)

1XUSB Cable

1XCD (manual Software etc.)

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Basics are there

Spent a couple of hours trying to get a login for the forum, decided you guys don't want it to work. Requires a separate ID from the store. Fix it! A few hours work and I wouldn't have anything to talk about. 1 - Software v 1.3 shiped with my unit and it has some flaws, for example the time and channel knobs are too big for the screen allocated for it making the use of the knob weird. Version 1.2 works fine and does not have the flaw. 2 - Put an LED on the box so you now it is powered up and change its color when it is connected to the software. 3 - Print is so small I had to get a magnifier to read channel 1 vs channel 3. The hole in the hub for the test signal is not positioned well. 4 - Tell us what the name of the driver will be in the device manager when everything is installed right. (it is USB102 on my machine, probably USBnnn). 5 - Win 7 required a reboot, Win 8.1 seemed to just work. 6 - Software does not 'install' it just runs. 7 - The interface looks very well done, some of its behaviors is a bit weird like why do the channel 1 and 2 'squares' blink? 8 - Appears to have an audio signal detector have not found out how to manage it. Overall, I think the product will ultimately do what I need it to do. Good hobby scope.

Some Good, Some not so

Interesting product . DDS-120 oscilloscope has some small quantity noise in each of both channels. Original CDrom disk contains very bad and incorrect description of software installation, along with adequate driver instructions. The newer software and link provided on the product page somewhat resolves issues with dot-net revisions . The issue is that some Laptop Dock Station USB connections are slow and 1.1 revision leading to connectivity issues. In summary, a good product but the delivery was a disappointment. I was under the impression that SainSmart would deliver from the USA but even with expedited shipping, and delivery in less than two days, the tax and duty charges from DHL negated econmical benefits of buying from SainSmart vs. buying from HongKong dealers via Ebay.

Great little unit

I have only had a play around with this unit so I haven't really tested it fully but from what I have seen already I'm very pleased. It came with two good quality probes, it's a dual Chanel scope for less than a cheap multimeter! The unit Ickes in a compact metal case and looks well constructed. The software worked perfectly on my 64bit win 7 laptop, has logging and measuring functions . Very intuitive , very happy with this unit,