Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-63-MD13-AJ

MD13 Smoke Purifier for Genmitsu L8 Laser Engraver Machine, Fume Extractor with Four Layer Filtration

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Breathe Easier, Work Better: Effortlessly tackle engraving fumes with the MD13 smoke purifier, perfectly engineered to complement the Genmitsu L8 Enclosed Machine, ensuring a cleaner and safer working environment.

Advanced Filtration System: Experience superior air quality with a 4-layer filtration system, including a pre-filter with coarse cotton and coarse filter cartridges, extended HEPA filter, and premium activated carbon. Achieving an impressive 99.97% smoke removal rate, breathe easy knowing you're inhaling clean and purified air.

Beyond Basics: Benefit from integrated UV functionality that efficiently absorbs and neutralizes smoke emissions. Enhancing air quality and comfort, the MD13 ensures a healthier workspace for you and your family.

User-friendly Design: Enjoy ultimate convenience with features designed for seamless operation. From universal wheel design for easy mobility to metal latches for secure closure, and stepless airflow adjustment for precise control, the MD13 makes purification effortless.

Versatile Applications: Whether it's soldering stations, CNC machines, welding tools, or any smoke-generating activity, the MD13 smoke purifier is your go-to solution.


Genmitsu MD13 Smoke Purifier | SainSmart

Genmitsu MD13 Smoke Purifier | SainSmart

Efficient One-Piece Cartridge

Enjoy hassle-free purification with our one-piece cartridge featuring four layers of filtration. Achieve an outstanding 99.97% purification rate, ensuring your workspace remains free from harmful contaminants.
Genmitsu MD13 Smoke Purifier | SainSmart

Advanced LED Interface Screen

Stay informed with real-time monitoring of the purifier's status using the intuitive LED interface screen. With UV function integration, rest assured your air quality is continually optimized for maximum comfort.
Genmitsu MD13 Smoke Purifier | SainSmart

Long Service Life

The MD13 boasts an impressive average cartridge lifespan of up to 300 hours. This duration may vary based on the type and volume of smoke being filtered. With the flexibility to replace cartridges as needed based on your actual usage experience, you can optimize performance and maintain clean air effortlessly.

What's in the box


1x Smoke Purifier with filter

1x Power Supply

1x Screwdriver

2x Retaining Ring

1x Vent Hose

1x User Manual