Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-63-BVC2417

Aluminum Bench Vise Clamp, Size 238 x 168 x 4.1mm, Range 0-145mm

SKU: 101-63-BVC2417 Variants ID: 41896106623055
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Enhanced Stability: Four columns and 2 clamps with groove lines, make Genmitsu bench vise clamp easier and more stable to clamp uniquely shaped things, especially for holding cylindrical objects.

Versatile Compatibility: With internal and external mounting holes, you can use screws or hold-down clamp (not included) to secure the clamp. It's ideal for both MDF and T-track boards. This clamp is compatible with Genmitsu machines (Except 3018-PRO) and with most CNC engraving machines on the market.

Fixed Lead Screw: The central screw rod has been upgraded to be a fixed lead screw.  This allows for easy placement of your clamp when clamping large items, as it no longer protrudes outward and takes up unnecessary space on the Y-axis.

Protective Design: The elevated polish rod holds the clamped object higher than the screw rod, reducing friction during the engraving process and protecting both the lead screw and the clamped object.

Effortless Positioning: There is a small aluminum positioning piece in the bottom left of the clamp. This design makes finding the initial clamping position easy, allowing you to repeat engravings from the previous origin seamlessly.




Introducing Genmitsu Aluminum Bench Vise Clamp

This is a versatile CNC router clamp perfect for woodworking and metalworking projects. Its four columns and grooved clamping plates ensure enhanced stability, making it ideal for securely holding uniquely shaped objects. Compatible with both MDF and T-track boards, this clamp fits Genmitsu CNC models and most CNC engraving machines.


Genmitsu Aluminum Bench Vise Clamp

Stable & Secure

The addition of four columns and two clamping plates with grooves provides a more secure hold for various shaped objects and materials such as wood, aluminum, stone, etc.
Genmitsu Aluminum Bench Vise Clamp

Graduated Ruler

Easy to read ruler, there is no need to use another ruler to measure the object when processing.
Genmitsu Aluminum Bench Vise Clamp

Quick Positioning

Small aluminum position piece allows you to quickly find the last clamping spot, making it easy to continue your previous carving work.


Feature Genmitsu Vise (10-163-BVC2614) Genmitsu Vise (101-63-BVC2417)
Material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Weight 1.44 kg 1.45 kg
Dimensions 260mm(L) x 140mm(W) x 40mm(H) 240mm(L), 170mm(W), 40mm(H) (excluding column and ruler)
Clamping Range 0-115mm 0-146mm
Protrusion Height   21mm
Scale With scale, 0 at center With scale, aligned with left-side fixed ruler
Ruler Adjustable ruler at top left Fixed ruler at top left
Mounting Method Fixed with screw holes on the inside of the machine Three mounting methods:
1. Screw holes on the inside of the machine
2. Screw holes on the outside of the machine
3. Can be fixed with a pressure plate"
Workpiece Clamping Rectangular, cylindrical objects Rectangular, cylindrical, irregularly shaped objects, etc.
Compatible Models 3018-Pro, 3018 Prover/V2, 4040-PRO All models that can use a pressure plate (including but not limited to Genmitsu models)

What's in the box


  • 1x Bench vise clamp
  • 1x Clamping column
  • 30x M4 Flat head screws
  • 16x M6 Screws
  • 1x Insertion Nuts
  • 1x 3mm&6mm Hex key
  • User Manual