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Creality has released an exciting new addition to their widely popular CR-10 series of 3D printers, and it’s a beauty. For the company’s 7th anniversary, Creality decided to make it special by announcing several new 3D printers to their growing collections. Most notably is the Creality CR-10 Smart. But, is it really smart? 

Creality — 3D Printing Evangelist

Creality is a 3D printer manufacturer based in China. The company was founded in 2014, and have since brought some of the best consumer 3D printers to market. Creality manufactures both filament and resin printers, and researches and develops FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and resin technologies. Creality has also produced 3D scanners and operates both within the consumer and industrial areas of additive printing. The company has garnered the trust and admiration of a worldwide consumer base, and they export to over 100 different countries. All Creality products are CE, FCC, and ROHS certified. When Creality releases something, it’s worth it for you to get excited.

Creality’s most notable collection of 3D printers is the CR series. This series carries the company’s trademark style, reliability, and, of course, its high quality. Whether you’re a business professional or hobbyist, Creality is going to have that special something for you. And that special something could very well be the new CR-10 Smart. (Sign Up Available)

CR Series

The CR series is the collection of 3D printers where Creality really hit its stride. These FDM printers are perfect for entry level 3D printers, diehard enthusiasts, and businesses. The CR series includes over a dozen models, ranging in size, volume, and functionality. 

The main appeal of the CR series is their affordability and reliability, paired with an elegant and sleek style. These machines are more than suitable for 3D printing businesses and professionals, with large build volumes and long runtimes (the CR-10 V2 can run for 200 continuous hours). 

Hobbyists and amateurs have also come to love the CR series with their easy assembly and auto-levelling technology. This makes them perfect for DIY projects and creative, cost-efficient, prints.

The CR-10 Smart is the newest addition to the CR series, and it is proving to be a robust, and stylish 3D printer that is jam-packed with features and may offer one of the best 3D printing user experiences.

(Creality 3DPrintMill aka CR-30)

CR-10 Smart

So, what makes the CR-10 Smart special? Well, Creality has made that a very easy question to answer. 

This newest printer in the CR-10 series packs a punch with a variety of innovative features, so let’s get right into it.


Top Features of the CR-10 Smart

The key features that come with the CR-10 Smart are all impressive in their own right. Together, they form a powerhouse of an attractively priced 3D printer.

CR-10 Smart Built-in WIFI

Built-in Wi-Fi

This is a big one. With the newly implemented Wi-Fi functionality, you can control this 3D printer at any time, from anywhere. Built-in Wi-Fi is a feature that was sorely missing in the CR series, and it’s finally here!

CR-10-Smart Dual Z Axes + Dual Diagonal Drawbars

Dual Z Axes + Dual Diagonal Drawbars 

These drawbars are sturdy and stable, meaning your prints will be precise. Superior precision is exactly what the CR series is known for, and the CR-10 Smart is no exception.

Intelligent Auto-leveling

Auto-leveling is a must have with 3D printers. This allows for near perfect, high-quality, printing results. The CR-10 Smart will ensure your printing bed is level for every print.

4.3-inch Full-view Touch Screen

4.3-inch Full-view Touch Screen

The touch screen that comes with the CR-10 Smart is intuitive to use with a sleek design.

low-noise power supply

Ultra-silent Design

The mainboard on the CR-10 is mute and so is the fan. This means your printing will be the quietest it’s ever been. Don’t worry about that power supply either, it’s low noise too!


If you’re familiar with the CR series, you know how sleek some of Creality’s printers can be. The CR-10 Smart is the super model of 3D printers that has a unique, yet beautiful, aesthetic.

CR-10-Smart Modular Assembly

Modular Structure

One fantastic feature of the CR series is the easy assembly of its 3D printers. The CR-10 Smart follows this trend with a 6-step assembly that only takes 8 minutes to complete!

Why Do People Love the CR-10 Smart?

With the amount of innovation Creality has put into the new CR-10 Smart, it’s hard to deny why they called it smart.

The CR-10 Smart’s support for both Wi-Fi and RJ45 wired network connections are much appreciated. This means you can use the Creality Cloud app to slice your 3D models and have full control of the printer remotely. The doubled resolution of the angle touch screen gives the 3D printer a futuristic feel.

The application of an auto-shutdown feature makes the CR-10 Smart eco friendly. It also supports auto feeding and retreating filament, making your print jobs easier. It’s quiet and it’s sturdy. This model in the CR series also comes with a carborundum glass bed, which gives the 3D printer a smooth glass surface to work on.

When Creality says that this smart 3D printer has a super car design, they mean it. The edges on the plastic covers are sharp, the extruder is hidden so you can’t see fragments of filament, and the jet-black colouring makes the whole printer look sleek.

There is no question that the CR-10 Smart will become a fan favourite for both hobbyists and professionals alike. This newest 3D printer from Creality is quickly becoming a must-have. 

Models Display Creality Smart

Creality CR-10 Smart is available now!

You can grab your CR-10 Smart 3D Printer for $499 USD. Go ahead and get a free consultation from us, or ask us any questions you may have about the CR-10 Smart.

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