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A beloved holiday for the maker community, Halloween was where it all started for many of us! Before conventions, before cosplay as a concept, this was one of the best days of the year for us to shine and show our skills, creativity and hard work to the public at large.

This Halloween may be a bit different from previous years, but there's nothing to stop us from coming together and appreciating everyone's efforts. Take a look below at the work of some of your fellow makers have been doing:

Laser Engraved Custom Tiles

Submitted to us by Rob, these tiles are a great showcase of what amazingly fine details you can get with a laser engraver with some hard work and creativity.


Halloween Themed Drone

Community member Jarno is definitely getting into the spooky spirit of things with some drones made of printed components in colors that are complimented by Halloween LED colors.


3D Printed Skull Mask

Printed by Wilk, this creepy skull mask would be great for your next Halloween outfit! Combined with a hooded robe and a scyth and you are ready to go as the grim reaper.

FPV Jack-O-Lantern

Like any artistic endeavor, we put a little bit of ourselves into our work. In this case Koen from our community made his custom lantern to create a creepy decoration for his doorstep which also shows his enthusiasm for FPV drones.


Halloween Minions

Made by Ushi/Ezra in combination with Shylene, these adorable 3D printed & painted minions are the perfect decoration for any window sill to welcome all those hungry ghost and ghouls visiting you in the night.

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