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To celebrate the release of the LC-40 laser engraver, and promote the current early bird special on it, we wanted to take some time and highlight it's most anticipated feature!

Out of the box, the LC-40 is Bluetooth compatible via the Engraver app, available for both iOS and Android phones. With the machine on, and your app opened all you need to do is select the button in the top-right corner, and select the LC-40 from the list of Bluetooth devices.

From there you are good to go, utilizing many of the varied features built into the Engraver app.



Picture: There is no need to go through the trouble of uploading your favorite image to your computer or the cloud! Through your engraver app you can go through all of the saved images on your phone.


Camera: Take pictures on the fly! Life moves so fast sometimes, capture it and start engraving within minutes!


Material: Sometimes it is hard to be creative, and you just want to personalize something. When those times happen, press the Materials button for your choice of a number of stock graphics.


Graffiti: Great for adding that personal touch! Use your finger or a stylus to get your signature engraved, or draw a little doodle.


Text: Engrave a personal message or your favorite quote!


QR Code: Such a cool feature! It's never been easier to make your QR Code to whatever link you want.


 How it Works

To show how easy the process is, here is the process of taking an image of a pet from the internet and engraving.



Once the image has been selected you will have the option to crop the image, add text, and erase portions as desires.



On the next page you have the chance to stylize the image and adjust contrast for better engraving results.



Following that you will be able to size the engraving and then select the location, within the LC-40 work area that you would like the image to be engraved.



Finally, you just need to select your engraver settings and you are good to go! Included in the app are a number of presets for different types of materials. After that just make sure to have your laser module focused and you are good to go!



Interested in the LC-40? Take a look here for more information and your chance to pre-order!

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