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It's almost here! The 3020 Pro MAX V2 wofficially launched. Slated to replace the original which has been out for some time, this refresh will add a host of improvements to bring the original to new levels!


Upgraded Control Board & Offline Controller

To some the new control board might familiar, and for good reason! We've taken our most advanced 30 series control board and adapted it for the 3020 Pro Max V2. With the addition of a port for a MPG hand wheel, air assist port, and firmware supporting an upgraded offline controller (included with purchase) and a more sturdy USB-B connector, this control board leaves nothing to be desired!


X-Axis Cable Chain

 Who doesn't like a good cable chain? The ultimate combination of form and function in the world of wire management, this X axis cable chain will keep all of your at-risk mobile wiring neat and tidy, while protecting it from external damage.


Mounted & Enclosed Power Supply

For as robust and capable the V1 version of the 3020 Pro Max was, it was not without it's flaws. One of the most common complaints we got from customers was that they wish there was somewhere to mount the power supply, as it was loose for the V1 version, as well as a desire for the power supply to be protected from dust and metal fragments while using the CNC.



We addressed both of these concerns with the V2, providing a stylish enclosure and mounted the power supply to the rear of the X-axis. This comes installed and ready to go on the X-axis, reducing assembly time and providing a much more clean look thanks to the improved wire management.


Improved Safety Through a Full Set of Limit Switches

While the 3020 Pro Max V1 does have limit switches, it only has 3; one for each axis. This allows for customers to home their CNC, but does nothing to support the other major purpose of having limit switches in the first place: Preventing collisions. Normally without limit switches on the front and back of each axis, a feature called "Hard limits" cannot be enabled.


This feature, enabled by default on the V2, causes the CNC to immediately stop and lock up whenever a limit switch is triggered, preventing any of the axes of your CNC from accidentally colliding with the end of each axis. Without limit switches, when this occurs you are at risk of the CNC damaging itself or injury to yourself in the absolute worst case, so this feature is a welcome addition!


 Modular Spindle Holder System


 First introduced through the 4040 Pro CNC earlier this year, this system of being able to quickly install and swap different spindle holders for different uses proved extremely popular, so when it came time to develop the V2 it was an easy choice as an addition. Out of the box you will have a spindle holder for a 300w spindle, which is included with the CNC, but we have other spindle holders that are sold through our website for holding laser modules, a DeWalt router, and even a Makita router.


Get creative and streamline your workflow, or treat yourself to an upgraded router with more cutting power, the sky is the limit with the modular spindle holder system!


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