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Don't miss out on great savings from Anniversary Sale! In order to thank our customers who have supported us for a long time, we are preparing great discounts and new souvenirs around Maker in this store celebration.


August 14-27 (PDT)

20% off exclusive discount*

Discount auto-applied at checkout, please keep in mind that this requires you to be logged in to your account first, otherwise, there will be no discount. (Exclude Flash sale and new arrivals and PROVerXL 4030 V2 CNC)


12th Anniversary Merchandise

Waxed Canvas Work Apron, 50% off for a limited time at the store, and a free organizer bag! This kind of configuration you buy in other markets are about 50usd, and now only $19.99! (Coupon please check account profile)


New Arrivals

PROVerXL 4030 V2 CNC Router, 100usd off! (For coupon, please check account profile)


Birthday Greetings from a Customer with 4030V2


3 Days Flash Sale

From 08:00 AM Aug 14 To 11:59 PM Aug 16 (PDT) 


4040-PRO CNC & Offline Controller Bundle Kit ($534)

This 4040-PRO has been on the market for less than a year and has been very well-received by CNC enthusiasts. It is a very cost-effective CNC product and supports the 4th axis module, which makes it very creative.

PROVerXL 4030 CNC & 40Pcs Milling Bits & Dust Shoe Bundle Kit ($826)

One of the best sellers, despite the V2 version, the 4030 is still very cost-effective and can be expanded to the 6060, and 1010 versions, the choice of many small business customers! And the bundle price is lower than one machine price ($999)!

4th Axis & Deskproto License Bundle Kit ($406)

Under the appeal of many users, we launched the 4th axis module this year, and also found Deskproto to cooperate with us, this software is very cost-effective (retail price 267usd), once purchased for permanent use. Don't miss out if you are ready for 4th-axis engraving.


Ender-3 Max Neo 3D Printer + 4 Pack Filament Bundle ($309)

The Creality Ender 3 Max Neo is a surprisingly good 3D printer for larger 3D printing projects, offering solid build quality, improved features such as the CRTouch probe and full-color LCD screen, and a dual Z-axis setup for better stability and print quality. Normally on market is $369.

Jinsoku LC-40 Laser Engraver, 5.5W-10W Compressed Laser, Wireless Control & GRBL Controller Support (Start from $199)

Choose between 5.5W and 10W laser options, both controllable through our app for seamless DIY on your phone. Easily adjust patterns and parameters while engraving.

Jinsoku LC-50 Plus 10W Compressed FAC Laser Engraver Cutter ($349)

Powerful 10W laser cutter with expanded work area, complete with air-assist system and honeycomb accessory for enhanced cutting and engraving capabilities.



Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX V2 CNC Router ($499)

The 3020-PRO MAX V2 CNC router boasts enhanced components: robust 4040 Y-axis, machined aluminum spoilboard with scale, stable molded Z-axis C-mount, and efficient workspace layout. Upgrades include Toshiba TB6S109 drivers, function ports, and offline controller. Package includes limit switches, emergency stops, Z-probe, and more. Genmitsu provides online communities, resources, and modular design for upgrades. It's an upgrade, but it doesn't go up in price!



Full events, Click here!


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