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Easy to print, strong, light, good-looking parts - really hard to beat this filament.

Have printed with extruder temps as low as 245C and usually print on a thin layer of glue stick brushed on glass with a foam brush - great adhesion and first layer Moisture in the filament could be an issue but I print through a Thordsen inline dryer and never have a problem - even if left on the machine for a day or three. I use hardened steel nozzles and get great life with this filament (many KG)



While I understand the recommendation for larger nozzles and thicker layers, I've had no issues with a 0.40mm nozzle and layers as thin as 0.15mm - never had a clog - also run 1.2mm nozzles with 0.7mm layers - still works great and makes fast parts when the resolution suites the part. I've run a lot of CF nylon filaments from a lot of sources but this one seems the easiest to print with and stores well The 25% CF does seem like a sweet spot for strength and weight - makes great functional parts and generally looks great too. Its slightly less black than straight nylon or lower percent CF products but its a sharp neat clean finish


No tuning passes, and no special adjustments to the print profile, I just loaded my “SainSmart CF Nylon” for a 0.60 nozzle and printed - usable parts first pass (and every pass) that actually look good as well.


Printed with a 0.24 mm first layer and 0.15 mm layers for the rest with a 0.60 mm hardened steel nozzle.




They are for research on the isolation provided by various microphone “shock mounts” and the CF Nylon parts were drawn up and printed to facilitate the research.


They needed to be functional, durable and quick  (roughly 30 minutes each)




Multiple parts were used to keep the individual parts simple and not require support - the rings press fit into the mounting brackets - and fit correctly each time.


A mounting hole was printed with a printed “plug” to be drilled out after printing.


The CF Nylon machines really well post printing and tighter tolerances can be milled or turned or threaded when needed - another very useful ability with this filament.




The ability to just draw and print without worrying about the print tuning, bed adhesion or strength keeps 3D printing feeling like “Magic”

Raise 3D N2+ printer
Bondtech extruder
Elmers Glue Stick on glass applied with a foam brush and a little water
80C bed and 255C extruder

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