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We are introducing our new software partner DeskProto, and now the DeskProto Multi-Axis Edition Hobby License Key is available on, which can work with Genmitsu 4th Axis module on the 4040-PRO CNC machine.


  • One time purchase, life time using.
  • Good for rotary engraving


In the Multi-Axis edition, all DeskProto options are available: for 3-axis4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining. Especially the fourth axis support is strong: up to one continuous helix toolpath. DeskProto offers this for all types of CAD data: 3D geometry (STL files), vector curves (DXF, EPS, SVG) and bitmap data (JPG, BMP, etc). The result is a CAM program that allows you to produce even the most complicated models. The software is available for Windows, for MacOS and for Linux.

Application Examples For The DeskProto Multi-Axis Edition

The DeskProto Multi-Axis edition is meant for users needing more than three axes. Like model makers making complex models, jewelers needing a wax model, artists for a sculpture that needs to be machined from all sides, etc.

DeskProto can be combined with any 3D CAD program, and with any CNC milling machine.
Some examples of the extra options offered by this edition:

venus sculpture, 4-axis
Rotation axis machining: the model rotates during machining (Continuous rotation). The rotation axis (this device is also called fourth axis, or A-axis) looks like a barbecue spit.
silver jewelry
A rotation axis can also be used for "indexed machining": machine two or more sides, for each side using plain XYZ machining. In-between the sides the A-axis rotates the part. This is offered by DeskProto's wizard 'Two or more sides'.
complicated wax ring model
For rings (jewelry wax models) in many cases a combination of the above is used: Autoflip plus Rotary.
Austin Healey car model
This car model of an Austin Healey "Frogeye" has been machined from all sides by using Five-Axis machining. Even the undercut area round the pedals could be machined.


4th axis tutorial


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