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VCarve Desktop V12 brings a refreshing brand new user interface designed to enhance usability and workflow, as well as adding some exciting new features and enhancements including sketch carving, VCarve inlay toolpath (VCarve Pro only), Keep-out zones (VCarve Pro only), drawing in the 3D view and much more.


A User Interface Built for Speed:

The first thing you'll notice is the sleek, modernized user interface. VCarve Desktop V12 boasts improved DPI scaling, so whether you're working on a standard monitor or a high-resolution powerhouse, everything will look crisp and clear. But the beauty goes beyond aesthetics. We've streamlined access to both vector and component tools, placing them conveniently within a single panel. Plus, the ability to draw and utilize 3D tools without switching tabs minimizes those time-consuming "mouse miles."


Introducing Sketch Carving: Effortless Art from Any Image

Imagine transforming a photo or a 3D model into a stunning VCarve project with minimal effort. That's the magic of Sketch Carving, a revolutionary new feature in VCarve Desktop V12. This innovative tool analyzes your image or model and generates a VCarve toolpath that's not only faster to machine than traditional 3D toolpaths, but also delivers impressive artistic effects.


VCarve Inlay Toolpath (For VCarve Pro Users Only):

Creating beautiful VCarve inlays just got easier and faster with the VCarve Inlay Toolpath. This powerful tool automates the entire process, generating both the plug and pocket toolpaths with remarkable precision. It even takes care of mirroring your geometry and assigning toolpaths to the appropriate sheets, saving you time and ensuring a flawless inlay creation process.


Keep Your Machine Safe with Keep-out Zones (For VCarve Pro Users Only):

Safety is paramount! VCarve Desktop V12 introduces Keep-out Zones, a valuable feature that allows you to designate specific areas on your workbed that the machine should avoid during rapid movements. This is particularly useful for protecting clamps, jigs, fixtures, and any other elements that might be in the way of the machine's safe operation.


Enhanced 3D View for a Clearer Perspective:

The 3D view in VCarve Desktop V12 gets a major upgrade! You can now draw directly within this space, with each tool offering easy manipulation via convenient handles for key properties. This eliminates the need for constant switching between forms, saving you time and effort.


Unveiling the Power of Vectors in 3D:

VCarve Desktop V12 empowers you with complete control over vectors in the 3D view. You can now toggle their visibility, allowing you to visualize how your geometry aligns with specific parts of your model or machined elements within the simulation. This is perfect for ensuring everything fits together seamlessly before you hit carve.


Streamlined Component Management:

Say goodbye to tedious navigation! The Components Dropdown provides a convenient way to switch between active levels directly from the document toolbar. This menu also grants you control over visibility, combine modes, and even lets you add new levels with ease. Most modeling tree operations are now accessible from this central hub, eliminating the need to delve into the component tree.


Orthographic View for Precision:

Working with two-dimensional objects? The Orthographic View Mode is your new best friend. This mode removes perspective, allowing you to precisely overlay 2D elements on top of your 3D view. Imagine visualizing how toolpath components align seamlessly alongside your 3D model – a true game-changer for precise project planning.


Interactive View Control:

VCarve Desktop V12 introduces the View Control, an interactive element that empowers you to manipulate your 3D view with remarkable ease. Simply click on any face to adjust the orientation of your project within the 3D space, or drag the control itself for a dynamic reorientation.


Focus on What Matters with the View Toolbar:

The new View Toolbar grants you granular control over the elements displayed within your views. Choose to show or hide vectors, bitmaps, toolpaths, keep-out zones, and components – personalize your workspace to focus on the specific tools crucial for your current project.


Unified Import for Seamless Workflow:

Say goodbye to separate buttons! VCarve Desktop V12 presents a unified import function, allowing you to import all your 2D data files, including vectors and bitmaps, from a single, convenient location.


3D Interactive Help: Your On-Demand Assistant:

While working within the 3D view, you now have access to a real-time help system. This intelligent feature recognizes your current tool or action and provides handy tips on how to use it effectively. It even offers quick access to relevant help documentation

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