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The Genmitsu 4040-PRO XY-Axis Extension Kit: Supercharge Your CNC Work

Elevate your creativity and productivity with the Genmitsu 4040-PRO XY-Axis Extension Kit. This innovative upgrade effortlessly transforms your existing 4040-Pro into a powerhouse machine, mirroring the capabilities of the 6060 model.


4040-PRO Extension Kit


Unfold a Vast Workspace:

Expand your work area up to a generous 600 x 600mm. This expanded canvas lets you tackle projects that were previously out of reach.

Imagine crafting larger signs, intricate furniture components, expansive decorative pieces, and wide panels with unmatched ease.


Tailored for You:

Say goodbye to limitations with the larger working area. Explore new possibilities and tackle more ambitious engraving and cutting projects with ease.


Effortless Setup, Unparalleled Results:

Streamlined assembly ensures a quick and hassle-free setup. Get started on your projects right away!

Maintain the exceptional stability and precision renowned in the original Genmitsu machine. Experience consistent, high-quality results with every engraving and cutting task.


MDF Spoilboard vs. Aluminum & MDF Hybrid Table

The Genmitsu 4040-PRO XY-Axis Extension Kit offers two engraving platform options to elevate your CNC machining experience: MDF Spoilboard and Aluminum & MDF Hybrid Table. Let's explore the strengths of each to help you choose the ideal one for your needs:


MDF Spoilboard:

4040-PRO Extension Kit

  • Cost-effective: MDF offers a budget-friendly option for spoilboard replacement.

  • Sacrificial Surface: The MDF readily absorbs cutting debris, protecting your machine's base from wear and tear. This allows for more aggressive cutting depths.

  • Easy Replacement: When the MDF surface becomes damaged, it's simple and affordable to replace the entire spoilboard.

  • May Require Flattening: Over time, MDF can warp or become uneven. Regular flattening may be necessary to maintain a precise work surface.


Aluminum & MDF Hybrid Table:

4040-PRO Extension Kit

  • Superior Flatness & Stability: The aluminum core ensures a consistently flat and stable work surface, minimizing the need for flattening.

  • Durable & Long-lasting: The combination of aluminum and MDF offers superior durability compared to a standard MDF spoilboard.

  • Individual Slat Replacement: Only damaged slats need replacing, reducing waste and overall cost compared to full spoilboard replacements.

  • Higher Initial Cost: The hybrid table has a higher upfront cost compared to the MDF spoilboard.

  • Support All kinds of Clamps: this table is designed with T-slot slide, support any kinds of clamps and vise clamps for your CNC enrgaving.


The Genmitsu 4040-PRO X&Y-Axis Extension Kit is the perfect solution for ambitious makers who demand more. Unleash boundless creativity, unlock new possibilities, and propel your CNC machining to the next level!

Ready to learn more? Visit our website or your favorite authorized retailer to explore the full range of upgrade options and unlock a world of bigger and better CNC projects!

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