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When we want to DIY our favourite images and engrave them via CNC or Laser. What are the best tools to use? Now let me introduce you a few tools for image conversion.

1. Online image converter

You can convert most of the png, jpg and other formats into vector graphics, and then through illustrator or figma to re-adjust the image, export svg, so you can import to the CAM software for laser or CNC engrave.

For example:

The adjusted vector image can also be converted to DXF or other CAD files.


2. Convert Gcode To Jpg


Some online authors will share their work gcode, when we want to do a little change in the above, in the Gcode software operation, will be more trouble than in the design software, so can be converted to images, to reprocess the image, and then generate Gcode, so that the results of the carving out of the results will be more detailed.



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