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Hello DIY makers! It's that time of year when the digital world and the world of manufacturing collide with amazing discounts and unbeatable deals, and SainSmart is here this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to present the latest in technological machines and jaw-dropping deals so you can experience DIY in the new year. Get ready to revolutionize your studio and unleash creativity like never before!


CNC Machines: Precision Redefined

Genmitsu has several new and popular machines this year, so whether you're an experienced CNC operator or a hobbyist exploring the world of computer numerical control, take the opportunity to invest in a CNC machine that will take your craft to new heights.


Top 4 Recommend

  1. 4040-PRO CNC Router and Offline Controller Bundle $499 (was $644, 23% OFF Black Friday Flash Sale 8:00 AM 11.24 PST)
  2. PROVerXL 4030V2 CNC Router, 12month Carveco License, and Dust Shoe Bundle $1299 (was $1579, 18% OFF, New Arrivals Sale Valid 11.17-11.28 PST)
  3. Up to 1300mm*1300mm Extension Kit Fro PROVerXL 4030 V2, Pre Order $510 (Was $599, 15% OFF, New Arrivals Sale Valid 11.17-11.28 PST)
  4. PROVerXL 4030V1 CNC Router, Dust Shoe, and 40 Milling Bits Bundle $799 (was $1064, 25% OFF, Black Friday Flash Sale 8:00 AM 11.24 PST)

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Laser Cutters: Carving a Path to Innovation

Light up your creativity with laser-focused deals on cutting-edge laser-cutting machines. Whether you're into intricate designs, custom signage, or industrial applications, BFCM is the time to snag a laser cutter that elevates your projects. Explore discounts on top-tier machines that turn your visions into reality with unmatched precision.


Top 3 Recommend

  1. L8 40W/20W Laser Machine + LightBurn License Down to $799 (was $959, Save Up to $210, New Arrivals Sale Valid 11.17-11.28 PST)

  2. LC-50 Plus 10W Laser Cutter and Rotary Roller Bundle $349 (was $1579, 18% OFF, Black Friday Flash Sale 8:00AM 11.24 PST)
  3. LC-40 APP Control Laser Engraver 5.5W/10W Version Down to $199 (was $349, Up to 43% OFF, Cyber Monday Flash Sale 8:00 AM 11.27 PST)

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3D Printers and Filaments Save Extra 20% 

There's no need to wait until Black Friday day to take advantage of the 3D printer deals now, and now you can enjoy a lower price than Amazon for the same machine.


Top 3 Recommend

  1. 3Pack Filaments Bundle $59.99 (1x TPU, 1x Matte GT-3 PLA, 1x Glossy GT-3 PLA, Cyber Monday Flash Sale 8:00 AM 11.27 PST) 
  2. K1 High Speed 3D Printer Plus 2KG GT-3 PLA Filaments $399 (was $651, 39% OFF, Black Friday Flash Sale 8:00AM 11.24 PST)
  3. CR-10 SE High-Speed 3D Printer $321 (was $799), New Model of Creality, Valid 11.11-11.30 PST

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4. Special Tools Offers and Surprise Box

DIY Solding Tools & Instruments and more open source hardware, all now 20% off. If you are often involved in woodworking, then our woodworking tools are perfect for you.
With more and more new energy vehicles, oscilloscopes and probes play a good role in overhauling. Here is a variety of tools to enrich your workshop, take advantage of the discount period, add to your cart now.


This year we launched SainSmart's Work Apron, which was a big hit during the store's celebration, providing protection for your projects and can be used in ordinary life, now you can enjoy 50% off for as low as $19.99 when you sign up for membership!


$9.99 Surprise Box: Every Box Builds a Stronger Community! Our Surprise Boxes supported Kids Club Avon, Team Arrow Racing Association, Team 4099, and various Fab Labs. Plus, a substantial part contributes to the Maui Strong Fund, aiding wildfire recovery. This Christmas, we sponsor the LM Show, gifting 3D-printed joy to families in need. Join us in making a positive impact!


5. Shopping Tips and Deals Timeline

Not sure which machine is right for you? You can contact us and we'll recommend the best machine for you, choosing the perfect 3D printer, CNC machine, or laser cutter for your needs and level of expertise. We are here to serve you and make your shopping experience on BFCM seamless and satisfying.


Deals Timeline:

11.17-11.28 20% OFF Sitewide, auto-applied at checkout. (Flash Sale New Arrivals and Gift cards are not included.)

11.17-11.28 PST New Arrivals Exclusive Sale

11.24 8:00 AM -11.25 11:59 PM PST Black Friday Flash Sale

11.27 8:00 AM -11.28 11:59 PM PST Cyber Monday Flash Sale


Join us on a journey into the future of manufacturing this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don't miss out on these exclusive offers that bring innovation to you. Stay tuned for updates and unleash the creator in you! Create Joy

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