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A beloved holiday for the maker community, Halloween was where it all started for many of us! Before conventions, before cosplay as a concept, this was one of the best days of the year for us to shine and show our skills, creativity and hard work to the public at large.

Whether you will out and about this Halloween, or catching some scary movies at home, we can all appreciate these awesome projects from around our community!

Spooky Pokémon to Celebrate their 25th Anniversary!
instagwamie 69 -  0 - 6.jpg
With a skeleton Charmander, a Zombie Squirtle and a Pumpkin Bulbasaur, these ghoulishly good models submitted by Ushi are the perfect trick and treat!
Spider Bush!
Made my Mike R. using a 3D printer for the eyes and teeth, this cute little fellow is a great way to greet all those trick-or-treaters!
Hand-Made Lightsaber!
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this lightsaber along with you this Halloween to protect yourself from Sith Lords and masked serial killers alike! Made by Miron K. this lightsaber is made of real wood and metal components for a fully authentic and unique look for any costume!
Spooky Tombstone!
Made for his front yard by Roger H. using his CNC to cut it out of fiberglass foam, this project came out amazingly and would make a welcome addition to any Halloween decorations!
Alien Shadow Box!

Designed and built by Ryan M. this work of art just oozes those good Halloween vibes! Integrating multiple LED colors, and multiple pieces of acrylic to create the holographic effect, to call this project cool would be an understatement!


Need more inspiration? Check out spooky things our customer made in last year's Halloween contest.

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