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SainSmart x Meraki 3D Printing Project

SainSmart x Meraki

The Black Panther Project

When Meraki approached us about his massive 3D printing project, we immediately fell in love with the idea - because Black Panther is one of our favorite movies in 2018, and some of the costumes used in the movie were indeed 3D printed

Ian and Endymion(Meraki) have been cosplaying for the past 10 years. They make costumes from a variety of media such as comics, video games, movies, and anime. And for the past five years, they started to craft the costumes with 3D Printing. 

This year they decided to attempt to an ambitious 3D printing project, a full mecha suit of armor.  Last year Mondo Tees released a preview image of their new line of Japanese style Mechas based on the popular Marvel super heroes. Endymion was instantly drawn to the Black Panther Mecha after seeing and loving the movie as we did.

Over the next twelve weeks, SainSmart and Meraki will be working together to bring the Black Panther Mecha to LIFE! To document this journey, we will regularly post pictures, videos on our various social media accounts listed below. Follow us to witness this project!

Instagram : @sainsmart@Merakiexpo
Twitter : @Sain_Smart@Merakiexpo
Here is a taste of project models and the work we have completed so far! Stay tuned and #WAKANDAFOREVER!!!

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