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3040 Y-Axis Extension Kit for 3018 Series CNC Router

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For 3018-PROVer V1 & Mach3
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This 3040 Extension kit will extend your CNC’s Y-Axis to have 470mm of movement (14.6”), 320mm of travel, easily convert your 3018 to a 3040. Perfectly compatible with Genmitsu 3018-PRO, 3018-PROVer V1, 3018-PROVer Mach3 CNC’s. (∅ 8mm lead screw).

3040 Extension Kit for 3018-PROVer V2 is available now.

It is designed to be a direct upgrade to the 3018 series CNC machines. The enlarged 3040 MDF Spoilboard and 3040 Aluminum Spoilboard are available now.

Expand your machine's potential with an easy upgrade that will provide over double your previous work area.

Perfect for making signs or just accommodating larger stock material for multiple cuts.

How to assemble the Extension Kit

Step 1: Disassembly

  • Disconnect & Remove All Wires Connecting to the Base of Your CNC
  • Unscrew the Gantry Assembly from Either Side of the CNC's Base
  • Take Apart Your Frame

Step 2: CNC Base Assembly

  • Attach the Extended Side Extrusions & Linear Rails to the Back Panel
  • Install Extended Lead Screw into CNC Bed Through Spring & Copper Nut
  • Install the Bed with Threaded Lead Screw Into the Liner Rails Already Attached to Back Panel
  • Secure the Lead Screw to the Y-Axis Stepper Motor through the Coupler
  • Install the Front Panel & Square Frame

Step 3: Final Assembly

The process of mating the base frame with the gantry assembly mirrors the same process as when you assembled your CNC for the first time, the only major difference is that rather than having the gantry spaced 46.5mm from the rear of the frame, you are now going to want it to move more forward in order to take advantage of the expanded Y-Axis.

Rather than give you a specific number, it is strongly suggested that you move the gantry as far forward as your wiring will allow. This is usually around 60-80mm depending on whether you have limit switches.

Unlock the full potential of your 3018-PROVer V2 CNC machine with our Y-Axis Extension Kit that expands the work area to an incredible 3040 size! Ideal for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike, this extension kit is designed to help you push the boundaries of your creativity and achieve greater precision in your projects.

Assembly Guide



  • Material: Aluminum
  • Package Weight: 1.77 KG (3.90LB)
  • Package Dimension: 51.5*21.5*7.5cm
  • Note for 3018-MX3 User: Since MX3 has been upgraded before, special attention should be taken when choosing this Extension Kit. If you find a COUNTERBORE in the screw hole of the optical shaft part, please choose the Extension Kit for 3018-PROVer/3018-PROVer Mach3.
  • Note: The limit switch for the Y-extension kit is not included.


For 3018-PROVer V1 & Mach3:

  • 2 x Y-axis Aluminum Extrusions (2040*450mm)
  • 1 x Y-axis Extended Lead Screw (T8 Pitch 2mm, Thread 4mm*450mm)
  • 2 x Y-axis Extended Linear Rails (Hole 5mm, Depth 15mm*460mm)
  • 1 x Replacement Zip-ties
  • 1 x Assembly Instruction

For 3018-PRO& 3018-MX3 Series:

  • 2 x Y-axis Aluminum Extrusions (2040*450mm)
  • 1 x Y-axis Extended Lead Screw (∅ 8mm lead screw, T8 Pitch 2mm, Thread 4mm*454mm)
  • 2 x Y-axis Extended Linear Rails (Hole 5mm, Depth 15mm*450mm)
  • 1 x Replacement Zip-ties
  • 1 x Assembly Instruction

Y-Axis Extension Kit

  • 2x Y-axis Aluminum Profile
  • 1x Lead Screw 
  • 2x Polished Rod
  • 1x Y-Axis Limit Switch Cable
  • 1x Cable of Y-Axis Motor
  • 1x Section Seal
  • 1x Knob
  • 9x M5*22 Round Head Screw
  • 10x Cable Tie
  • 1x 3mm Allen Wrench
  • 1x Extension Kit User Manual


  • 1 x Y-axis Extension Kit + MDF Spoilboard

Note: The original limit switch cable of the 3018-PROVer is not compatible with the 3040 Y-axis extension kit. Please purchase a longer cable individually.