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This week, we focus on the 70V20 V-shape end mill bit set, a versatile tool in CNC milling. Let's explore its types and uses:

 Genmitsu 70V20 V-shape end mill bit set



V-shape Conical Flat 20deg Engraving Bit (View More Conical V-bits )



  • Shank: 1/8'' (3.175mm)
  • Flute: /
  • Degree 20°
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide Steel Alloy
  • Coating: Nano Blue Coating
  • Cutting Diameter: 0.1mm
  • Overall Length: 30mm


Engraving example

Genmitsu 70V20 V-shape end mill bit set

Genmitsu 70V20 V-shape end mill bit set 


  • Undercut step: 1.0mm
  • Feed rate: 1.5m/min
  • Cutting rate: 1.0m/min
  • Spindle speed: 10000rpm/min
  • Depth of cut: 3mm



  • Engraving on acrylic, plastics, wood, and other soft materials.
  • Creating intricate designs, logos, and lettering.
  • Perfect for hobbyists, crafters, and professionals alike.


Additional Notes:

  • SainSmart offers a discount for bulk purchases, making them a cost-effective option for high-volume projects.


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