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Upgrade your gift giving with custom made projects. Whether you are new to Desktop CNC or looking to compliment your 3D printer or Cricut with wood engraving, wood cutting or laser engraving capabilities the Genmitsu Desktop CNCs and Jinsoku Laser Engraver products are a perfect tool for your hobby or building business.

Craft, create and earn money!

Did you know that you can engrave or cut out your own custom cutting or charcuterie boards? Genmitsu CNC’s machines are great working with wood right out of the box and come in a few different shapes and sizes. If you want to hit the ground running with very little assembly, the 3018-PROVer series is right for you providing the best value and ease of use on the market. Your time is best spent being creative not spending hours assembling your new cnc machine. 3018 PROvers arrive mostly assembled and only require a few screws, plugging in some cables and mounting your electronics to get started.

Craft, create and earn money!

Work with more than just plastic or vinyl. Compliment your 3D Printing or Cricut with real wood crafts, custom engraved PCB tracing, milling cast resin, acrylic, and you can even engrave metal. Your workshop companion that will do the hard work while you focus on creativity!

Craft, create and earn money!

You take care of your customers; we take care of you. Every machine includes a 1year warranty, online tech support, access to our large Facebook support community with projects ideas, support videos, help from other users and our administrators. Your machine also includes everything you need to get started, your only limit is your imagination.

See more crafts created by Genmitsu CNC, and we welcome you to share your one and only work! 


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