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How to refer a friend

Refer-a-Friend is a part of our Work-in-Progress (WIP) Reward Program to let you and your friends access better deals and special offers on So how exactly does it work?

  1. Join SainSmart WIP Reward Program

Sign up on, and you will be enrolled in our WIP Reward Program automatically. New customers get 200 free points as a welcome bonus. If you already have an account, just simply log in and you are in!1. Join SainSmart WIP


2.  Get Your Referral Link & Share It

Do you know friends or any makers who are looking for cost-effective tools/supplies for their projects? Invite them to visit by sharing your referral link with them from your WIP member account.


You can share your referral link on various platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Or you can just copy your link and share it directly with a friend.

Share your link via various platforms

3. Your Friend Makes a Purchase

Your friends will receive a $10 off coupon. They have to visit our store and make their first purchase via your referral link. To get rewarded, the friend you refer has to be a new user in our store, but they don’t have to join WIP to use the coupon.



The reward will be issued once your friend enters a valid email address. They will also receive an email for unlocking the $10 off coupon.

4. You Earn 400 Smart Points.

A 400 smart points reward will be redeemed to you when your friend makes their first purchase on Below is the email you will receive when a friend uses your referral. You can also check all the rewards you get in your WIP account.




What can you get with smart points? Redeem free shipping, gifts and big discounts! CLICK HERE TO GET NOW.


Many of our customers have already started enjoying member perks from our WIP Reward Program. Not a member yet? Sign up here. Already a member, refer a friend now!
*If you have already logged in, CLICK HERE to get your referral link.

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