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SainSmart have always cared about every maker, craftsman, inventor and designer who is curious about engineering, getting creative and learning by doing. We at SainSmart want to build bridges between creators and give them more creativity through our products.

We are recently supporting the Fab Foundation's Bali Fab Fest, and this year we can get more SainSmart products to appear at creators' events around the world thanks to Surprise Box Events. (Some of the Surprise Box funds are sponsored maker organizations, student events, and more.)



Bali Fab Fest is the world’s biggest digital fabrication event for local and global innovators to Accelerate Bali’s transition towards a regenerative economy. It is a unique event in which the 17th Fab Lab Conference and the 7th Fab City Summit will converge.



The thematic focus in Bali is “Designing Emergent Realities”, aiming to boost the transformation of the island’s economy through the harnessing of local and global knowledge. Our efforts will be orchestrated using the Fab City Full Stack, a multiscalar framework for developing new strategies for distributed production in cities and regions.


SainSmart sponsored the Fab Foundation's Bali Fab Fest this year on 10.12-10.22 in Bali.

We provided product sponsorship, for making creative connection. This event is a unique opportunity for in-person, meaningful connection with other local and global changemakers. Dive into workshops, open forums, maker spaces, and themed events designed to enable mutual learning through problem-solving.


The sponsored products of makes in the event are the Genmitsu 3018-PRO and 3018-PROVer CNC engraving machine, SainSmart INFI-20 belt printer, and KL9 SLA printer. Being able to give the participants of this event an idea of what is FDM 3d printing, LCD 3d printing, CNC engraving. 



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