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When we made the PROVer CNC, we worked hard to integrate a number of frequently requested features to really bring our CNC to the next level.

But what about all of our current 3018 Pro CNC owners?

Thankfully, while we don't sell our 3018 Pro with those features, some are able to be added with a little bit of work and ingenuity. The board this CNC ships with has ports open and designated for some of these very features:



Based on the work of Jim Kortge, this tutorial will walk you through the entire process of upgrading your CNC, no soldering required!

What You Will Need to Follow Along:

You can take a look at the tutorial here, and feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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I’m trying to install ans emergency stop switch, the tutorial tells to wire it with A0 pins, but on the woodpecker 3.4 There is Not A0.
Where to wire the switch so ?

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