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SainSmart is happy to announce our partnership with Inventables. Featuring Easel and Easel Pro. ALL In One CNC Software. In our pursuit to deliver ease of use, value, and performance to our products, we believe this partnership helps bring us one step closer.

The Desktop CNC hobby is an exciting frontier for the maker community, but it is not always the easiest. Our goal is to facilitate creation with our Genmitsu products by helping our users with affordable machines, a community, and excellent customer support.


Perfect for any Genmitsu Desktop CNC, turning your ideas into the next fun project or your own work of art will be much easier with Easel or Easel Pro, Share your designs for other community members and create your own with a few simple clicks. EASEL's easy-to-use platform lets you design and connects seamlessly to your Sainsmart machine. In the future, please expect to see expanded Tool Libraries that include all our Milling Bits and Material libraries for an even easier out-of-the-box experience.

From the EASEL Team,

Easel is a very easy to use all-in-one software solution for CNC carving machines. It includes intuitive tools and thousands of templates and millions of art files in the design library to create digital renderings of your products. Easel auto-generates CNC toolpaths that are optimized to efficiently and accurately produce your products. Finally, Easel physically controls your CNC machine to bring your designs to life.


To SainSmart Customers

We are always looking for ways to improve your experience. Many new users choose to use Easel / Easel Pro for its ease of use and simplicity. To make it even easier we decided to partner with Inventables and integrate support for our line of Desktop CNC machines with their software. Using Easel you can also easily share your projects for others to create their own!


Design & Cut on Genmitsu 3018-PRO

Beginners guide to designing in Easel - 3018 PRO

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